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Voices From The Past

and The Present


Homer Hailey

The Gospel of John (30 Lessons)
Book of Acts (31 Lessons)
The Book of Hebrews (26 Lessons)
Book of Revelation (27 Lessons)
Isaiah (31 Lessons)
Jeremiah and Lamentations (16 Lessons)
Ezekiel (30 Lessons)
Daniel (12 Lessons)
Minor Prophets (62 Lessons)
Bob Owen

Being Saved
By What Authority
Neglecting Salvation
Supernatural Acts
Great Salvation
Dee Bowman

Marriage 1
Marriage 2
Marriage 3
Marriage 4
Marriage 5
Marriage 6
James 1
James 2
James 3
James 4
James 5
James 6
Today's Christian 1
Today's Christian 2
Today's Christian 3
Today's Christian 4
Today's Christian 5
Today's Christian 6
Life Lesson 1
Life Lesson 2
Life Lesson 3
Life Lesson 4
Life Lesson 5
Life Lesson 6
Church-Reign of Christ
Church-Origin & Definition
Church-A Relationship
Church-Work & Worship
Church-And You
Bible Adequacy
Luke 18
Romans 12
Philippians 2
R. J. Stevens

Add to Faith Virtue
Add to Virtue Knowledge
Add to Knowledge Temperance
Add to Temperance Patience
Add to Patience Godliness
Add to Godliness Brotherly Kindness and Love
Attitudes (Romans 12)
Don't Lose Heart
Ron Halbrook

Underneath The Everlasting Arms
The Patience of God
Marriage - God's Gift
The Final Prophet - Jesus or Mohammed
Parents Hold Fast
God Hears the Cry of the Weak
When Peter Confessed Christ

Halbrook-Freeman Debate on Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage


Franklin Puckett

The Person of the Holy Spirit
The Work of the Holy Spirit
The Indwelling of the Holy Spirit
Ed Harrell

Thinking Inside The Box
Common Sense Hermeneutics
New Testament Congregations
Apostolic Authority
Getting It Right-Why Does It Matter?
Restoration Movement
Restoration History 1
Restoration History 2
Restoration History 3
Restoration History 4
Restoration History 5
Restoration History 6
Restoration Idea
The 1800's
The 1900's
What The Church Is
Nehemiah 8
Simply Christians 1
Simply Christians 2
Simply Christians 3
Simply Christians 4
Simply Christians 5
Simply Christians 6
Authority-If Not God, Who?
Authority-Old Testament
Bad Decisions
Paul Earnhart

Ecclesiastes 1
Ecclesiastes 2
Ecclesiastes 3
Ecclesiastes 4
Ecclesiastes 5
Ecclesiastes 6
Sermon on the Mount 1
Sermon on the Mount 2
Sermon on the Mount 3
Sermon on the Mount 4
Sermon on the Mount 5
Sermon on the Mount 6
Promise To Return
The New Promise
Divine Authority
The Lord's Church
True Worship
A Godly Life
Radical Discipleship
Personal Discipleship
Like Our Teacher


Foy E Wallace Jr.

Keynotes of the Scriptures
Remembering the Words of Christ
Was Jesus There During Creation
The Kingdom of Heaven
Salvation - Being Pardoned
Salvation 1
Salvation 2
N.B. Hardeman

How God Speaks
I Charge Thee Therefore to Preach the Word
Preach the Word
Pure Religion
The Church
The Company You Keep
Marshall Keeble

All Men Are One in Christ
Jesus Christ the Great Physician
There's Water in the Plan
Robert F. Turner

Grace 1
Grace 2
Grace 3
Grace 4
Grace 5
Grace 6
The People of God 1
The People of God 2
The People of God 3
The People of God 4
The People of God 5

Sewell Hall

The Sower
Who Will Govern My Life
Traditions, Good or Bad
Instrumental Music
God Calling
God Justifying
God Glorifying
Remove Not Landmarks
Jesus And Landmarks
Landmarks of Interpretation
Landmarks of Organization
Landmarks of Worship
Landmarks of Love
Melvin Curry

God Speaks in Scripture
God Foretells the Future
God Speaks in History
God Loves the World
God Demands Righteousness
God Does All Things
God Raises the Dead
Rise of Unbelief
Modern Idols
Unknown God
One Right Way
Suffering and Glory
A Reason for Hope
Ethics for Exiles
The Promised Seed
The Glorious King
The Suffering Servant
The Teacher of Righteousness
The Divine Warrior
The Son of God
Suffering and Glorified Savior
The Holy People
The Savior's Glorious End
The Saint's Glorious End
Jesus, The Quran and Islam